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Bunnahabhain is a whisky distillery that appears in our whisky tour of Scotland - Scottish Spirit

We are very generous here in Scotland, in that we gave the world so much, penicillin, the television, tarmac, the umbrella, Dolly the sheep and, of course, Scotch Whisky.

For many visitors, it is almost compulsory to visit at least one distillery and with 105 or so distilleries scattered around the country, half with visitor centres, there is a very wide choice available.

It is likely the art of distilling was invented by the Chinese, but the Romans were also fond of distilling and whisky could well have come into Scotland from Ireland.

Unfortunately, there are no distilleries in Edinburgh itself, although Tiny Tartan Tours have plans to launch a micro distillery in the capital, with a state of the art visitor centre and Scottish restaurant, as we expand. The closest whisky distillery to Edinburgh is Glenkinchie, located around 15 miles to the east of the capital.

You could also visit the Whisky Experience right next to Edinburgh Castle which gives an excellent introduction and of course a tasting.

Scottish whisky bottle to represent our whisky tour of Scotland

A few hours drive to the north of Edinburgh is the Highland whisky region, and whisky tours are widely available here.

Why not visit Dewar’s, Bells, Dalwhinnie or Scotland’s smallest, Edradour, at one time owned by the mafia.

A couple of hours further north, world renowned Speyside is reached. You could choose to visit Glenfiddich or Glenlivet, Glenfarclas or Macallan, amongst many others. All have their own style and distinctive flavour. We would recommend at least a three day tour to visit Speyside properly.

The Holy Grail for many Scotch Whisky fanatics when they visit our fine land is Islay. It is staggering the international loyalty and pull to this most fine of whisky islands. Big, peaty, medicinal, and sometimes more mellow and forgiving, we can offer a wonderful three or four day whisky tour here.

Eight whisky distilleries are found on the island. The local people are very friendly and welcoming, all with great sea air and a spiritual atmosphere!

Wonderful beaches, ruined castles and local crafts can be found too. At least 3 days are required for a tour here and as the locals say, “Hello to Islay, goodbye to care.”

There are some great whisky shops around the country, check the links below. An investment guide to buying and selling whisky is coming soon, but of course the biggest risk to your investment, is that you drink it…

Cadenheads: http://www.wmcadenhead.com/
Royal Mile Whiskies: http://www.royalmilewhiskies.com/
Loch Fyne Whisky Shop: https://www.lochfynewhiskies.com/
Spar Whisky Shop, Bowmore: http://www.islaywhiskyshop.com/

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